FLYATLAS 2 is the RNA-Seq successor to the original FlyAtlas (which was based on microarray analysis). It continues to provide an answer to the question “Where is my gene of interest expressed in Drosophila melanogaster?” — but with greater precision and more detail. Specifically, FlyAtlas 2 now provides access to:

As previously, one can search by gene, category, tissue or tissue-expression profile; and functionality has been improved through mobile support and the option to download results in spreadsheet format.

The FlyAtlas 1 data are still available, either in their original format or through the ‘2013’ interface. As well as being useful for comparison (links are provided with the results here), users can refer to the latter for those tissues that are still in the RNA-Seq pipeline.

FlyAtlas 2 is the result of work in the Dow laboratory at the University of Glasgow, with RNA-Seq performed by Edinburgh Genomics. It is described in a paper in the Database issue of Nucleic Acids Research for 2018. The project was supported by the BBSRC.

Most Recent Updates (See Docs for full version history)

30.09.19: Category search updated for FlyBase groups.

27.09.19: Alternative tissue selections available for Profile search.

21.09.19: Database update of FlyBase gene identifiers.

21.09.14: Gene search facility now supports lists of IDs.

21.09.07: Midgut sub-section search option added.

21.09.04: Additional category search option added.

21.08.09: Garland cell data added.

21.04.18: Heart gene data added.

21.03.28: Profile Search added.