This site ( allows users to explore the way that different genes are expressed in the tissues of Drosophila melanogaster. It is based on hybridizing tissue mRNA to microarrays representing the Drosophila genome — work performed in the Dow/Davies laboratory in the University of Glasgow. It presents a different interface from that on the original FlyAtlas site, which is still available.


Gene: For a particular gene, find details of its expression in different tissues.

Category: For a group of genes with related functions, find details of their expression in different tissues.

Profile: For a particular gene, find others with a similar pattern of expression in different tissues.

Tissue: For a given tissue, find the genes of a particular category with the greatest expression.

Top: For a given tissue, find the genes that are most highly expressed there (e.g. ‘top 20’).

Development: For a given tissue, find genes that change in expression between larva and adult.


On the results pages, click on for a key to symbols and abbreviations; or on ? for more detailed online Help. Tool-tips will appear over many of the graphics etc. if you hold the mouse over them for a few seconds.


The experimental work underlying this web application was described in 2007 in a paper in Nature Genetics by Venkat Chintapalli, Jing Wang and Julian Dow.

The web application itself was built by Scott W. Robinson and David P. Leader, and is described in a paper in the Database issue of Nucleic Acids Research for 2013.


FlyAtlas 2 is our later site presenting RNA-Seq, rather than microarray, data, with separate determinations for male and female flies.


We have recently moved this site to a new server. Please bookmark this page as its permanent address,, rather than any previous or current URL that your web browser may display.